Why Nano pesticide

The traditional pesticide Utilization rate on the target crop is ≤30% and pest dosage ≤0.1%.


An important factor influencing the efficacy of pesticide formulation is the size of the particles formed by the effective components after spraying. Therefore, the most effective way to achieve high efficiency of pesticides is to reduce the particle size of the active components of pesticides, from the normal micron level to the smallest size possible -- the nanometer level.


Namely, it uses nanotechnology to reduce pesticide particles from the traditional 5 microns to 100 nanometers. The small size effect can reduce the loss of pesticides on the foliage. Therefore, the efficacy of pesticides will be fully utilized.


The result of minimizing the size of the pesticide particles is that under the same mass conditions, the larger the number of particles, the larger the surface area, the wider the area of contact with the target, and the higher the effect of the pesticide droplets, which is the main reason for the development of nano pesticides.

What is Nano pesticide

The advantages of Nano-pesticide