Research and Development

Drone is new to agriculture industry, but will dramatically change the way of pesticide application in the whole world. And R&D is always the key to keep our competitiveness in the market.


Focusing on research of leading manufacturing technology and plant protection solutions, and by extensive and continuous research investment, we keep the leading position in drone design, production cost control, farmland monitoring system, and also detailed application technology including flying efficiency, spray control, battery capacity etc.


Meanwhile, by cooperating with JAAS (Jiangsu Academy of Agriculture Sciences) and Nanjing University of Agriculture, we have innovatively developed NANO-pesticide, which is revolutionary achievement in pesticide history, and can significantly improve the biological activity, utilization and durability of active ingredients of various pesticides.


In addition, in order to solve the problems of low absorption rate of pesticides and serious drift phenomenon during the process of flight operation, we have successfully developed an anti-drift, promoting sedimentation and easy-absorption adjuvant, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of pesticide.