Pilot training

Our trainers have rich front-line operation experience and can provide a full range of teaching services from operation, assembly , maintenance to coaching.

Destination assembly and testing

Due to the consideration of lower cost and convenient transportation, we may split the whole drone into several main components and pack independently before shipment, and advise on how to assembly after the drone reach to our clients’ warehouse, and then conduct the testing at the farmland.

Insurance policy

We may arrange the purchase of insurance of the third party liability and damage risk for our clients, thus they could get the compensation accordingly in case of any unpredictable damage caused by non-human factors.

Plant protection solutions provider

Over 10 year’s export-oriented agrochemical production and rich crop care experience, we may provide various solutions on how to select the proper pesticide applicable for insecticide, herbicide and fungicide at the right time.

Service team set up advice

We may provide reasonable advices on how to set up the service team and create profit, such as how to plan the operation point at target country, and how many drones and pilots should be equipped at each point and how to refill the truck to transport the drones.